KI²VA Gastprofessuren

Dr. Casey Frid

Last name: Frid

First names: Casey

Academic title: Associate Professor

Host department at TU Darmstadt: Fachgebiet Gründungsmanagement

Period of stay: 19 June 2018 to 13 July 2018

Focus in teaching: Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Focus in research: Strategy, entrepreneurship, coopetition, identity, community

Home university: Pace University

Course offerings at TU Darmstadt: Craft Beverage Entrepreneurship

What can students expect in your course?

Students can expect to be exposed to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship as an academic discipline, as well as practical considerations and steps toward starting a new venture. This will be done within the specific industry context of the craft beverage segment. Students can also expect to be exposed to the mindset that many successful entrepreneurs exemplify.

What do you consider most important in teaching?

I believe professors must genuinely care about students’ lives— the decisions they make; how they see the world; and their potential to make positive contributions to society through their vocation and being part of an engaged and informed citizenry. I also believe professors must be curious about what they themselves are teaching. We are all, ultimately, learners. Curiosity is the foundation of a lifetime of sustained learning.

Taking a glimpse into the future: in which country or region would you like to spend some time teaching and/or researching? Why?

Perhaps it will come as no surprise, but I would like to spend more time teaching and researching in Germany! At present, I am investigating the interconnectedness of collaborative strategies pursued by craft beer entrepreneurs, craft brewer identity, and the communities within which they live and work. Of course, Germany has an incredibly rich brewing tradition which exists to this day—with the number of new craft breweries increasing each year. This is partially driven by a desire by both producers and consumers to embrace authenticity while supporting the local startup ecosystem. I believe we have much to learn from this exciting context.