Prof. Konstantinos Kafetsios

Teaching and research area:

Personality & Social Psychology

Research on:

Emotion, Social interaction, Leadership, Interpersonal relationships, Culture, well-being

Home University:

University of Crete, Greece

Most important academic stations:

1997, PhD., Lancaster University, UK

1996 Associate Lecturer, Social and Political Sciences Faculty, University of Cambridge, UK

1999, Senior Lecturer, Psychology Department, Anglia Ruskin University, UK

2007, Tenured Senior Lecturer, Psychology Department, University of Crete, Greece

2012, Associate Professor, Psychology Department, University of Crete, Greece

o Why should students of TU Darmstadt attend your seminars?

The seminars:

Provide an up to date overview of current theory and research on the Psychology of Emotion

Stress a cross-cultural understanding of emotional behavior

Combine research-led teaching with hands-on work on the psychology of emotion.

o Why did you choose TU Darmstadt for your KIVA Visiting Professorship?

Collaborating with colleagues at the Institute of Psychology

o At TU Darmstadt and especially in the context of KIVA interdisciplinarity has a high importance. Which are the connections between your area of teaching and research to other thematic fields and disciplines?

There are strong interdisciplinary synergies between Emotion and:

Computer Science (e.g., Affective computing)

Management (Emotion at work, Emotion in Leadership)

Sociology (e.g., Emotion in groups, culture)

Cultural theory

o What is your perfect balance to a stressful working day?

Taking a stroll in the nature