Liat Aaronson

Liat Aaronson

Department: Law and Economics
Visiting time at TU Darmstadt: Juli 2012 & Januar 2013 – Februar 2013
Teaching and research area: Entrepreneurship
Most important academic stations: University of California at Berkeley, Tel Aviv University, University of Leiden
Teaching offer in the winter semester 2013/14: Creating a web startup.

1. Why should students of TU Darmstadt attend your lectures and/or seminars?
Students interested in entrepreneurship, in particular high potential technology start-up entrepreneurship will get a taste of what founders go through in thinking through their business idea. Its very hands on and relies far less on theoretical material than on actual learning by doing.

2. Why did you choose TU Darmstadt for your KIVA Visiting Professorship?
I am here as part of a cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

3. At TU Darmstadt and especially in the context of KIVA interdisciplinarity has a high importance. Which are the connections between your area of teaching and research to other thematic fields and disciplines?
Entrepreneurship is by definition an interdisciplinary field. First and foremost there is the psychology behind being a founder and building a winning team, there are aspects of business including new product development, strategy, marketing and finance, there are legal issues in setting up the correct entity and protecting IP and there are technological issues inherent to the idea itself.

4. What is your perfect balance to a stressful working day?
Ashtanga yoga in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening…