Dr. Karen Renaud

Dr. Karen Renaud

Department: Computer Science, SecUSo
Visiting time at TU Darmstadt: April 2013 – Juni 2013 and March/April + August 2014 and March – Mai 2015
Teaching offer in the summer semester 2015:

Communication and Awareness Aspects in Companies in the Context of Security

1. Why should students of TU Darmstadt attend your lectures and/or seminars?

Academia and industry are starting to realize that one cannot achieve security by technical means alone. My role is to make students aware of the complexity of human behaviour. In the course I am presenting this time we have confronted the challenges that organisations experience when trying to secure their information, and in controlling the actions of their employees. Thinking about and discussing this makes them aware of the many gray areas of this field, and moves them away from a very black/white thinking which is a natural leaning of Science students.

Why did you choose TU Darmstadt for your KIVA Visiting Professorship?

Darmstadt is one of my favourite German cities. I have found great friendship in the city itself and especially at the University. It is wonderful opportunity for me to meet Darmstadt students and to work with them. Finally, TU Darmstadt has a worldwide reputation and it is a great honour for me to be hosted here.

At TU Darmstadt and especially in the context of KIVA interdisciplinarity has a high importance. Which are the connections between your area of teaching and research to other thematic fields and disciplines?

My research area, which essentially carries through to my teaching, spans computing science, psychology, behavioural economics, advertising and organisational culture

What is your perfect balance to a stressful working day?

I spend my evenings with a dachshund or two on my knee reading a good book. Bliss!