Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer

Prof. Dr. Frank Fischer

Department: Institute of Political Science
Visiting time at TU Darmstadt: April 2015 – March 2016
Teaching and research area: Teaching: Science and Technology, Governance and Public Policy

Home Uuniversity: Rutgers University, New Jersey, U.S.A

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Teaching offer in the summer semester 2015:

Policy Analysis in Policymaking: The Role of Expertise“ and „Global Environmental Politics: Science, Political Insititutions and Social Movements

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1. Why should students of TU Darmstadt attend your lectures and/or seminars?

Students of science and engineering should understand the social and political context in which they are working. As their work has very significant consequences for modern technological societies, mediated through public policy decisions, it is important for them to understand the intersections between science and politics.

2. Why did you choose TU Darmstadt for your KIVA Visiting Professorship?

As a member of Rutgers University in New Jersey, I have in the past often worked cooperatively with a neighboring engineering school, New Jersey Institute of Technology. At one point, I directed a joint university program in Science, Technology and Society (STS). I have always found this interdisciplinary interaction between the social sciences and the physical and natural science to be both interesting and rewarding. For this reason, TU Darmstadt is a particularly attractive venue for me.

3. At TU Darmstadt and especially in the context of KIVA interdisciplinarity has a high importance. Which are the connections between your area of teaching and research to other thematic fields and disciplines?

As I indicated above, I have long worked at the intersections between political science, particularly policy analysis, and STS, or science studies as it is often called today. My own specialty is environmental policy and the politics of expertise, topics which are interdisciplinary by nature. Bringing together science, technology and political processes, understanding the environmental crisis, climate change in particular, is one of the key challenges of our time.

4. What is your perfect balance to a stressful working day?

To establish a balance between work and leisure I play the piano and saxophone.